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What is a Soul Portrait? My intention is to capture a deeper representation of you, a "portrait of soul", hopefully one that shows that sparkle in your psyche. "Soul" might be defined as an inner resevoir holding the grand sum of one's experience and understanding, what we have been, where we are now and what we hope to become. This Soul Portrait intends to show a particular glimmer of your Big Shine.

Portraits of Soul are also called Soul Portraits, Spirit Portraits or Psychic Portraits. Here at Shaman's Mirror, I merge many years
of Intuitve Counseling with my artistic skills and capture a true, in-this-world likeness of you ! in some cases, folks who come to me
want a Spirit Guide Portrait or a portrait of someone who has passed. Pets can have Soul Portraits, too.


What is a Painted Fantasy Portrait? You will be painted from your photos. Your Fantasy Portraits are a close collaboration between your fantasy and the imagination of the artist. Portray a Dream, Become a Mythological Creature, Merge with an Alien Being,
See yourself as an Historical Figure, Let out your Alter-Ego, Tribal & Tattoo Themes, Science Fiction Characters, What are your Mystical Ideas, Showcase a Goddess, Unchain your Boudoir Fantasies, Humorous & Satirical, Be Half Animal, Mirror Faces, 1/2 & 1/2 Faces with your partner, Baby Dreams, Shamanic Totems, Fairie Realms, Wiccan, Pagan, Avatar, Theatrical Looks

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